The mining and quarrying sector is characterized by companies which develop simultaneously extractive and transformative activity of a particular type of rock.

By its nature, the mining activity is, in principle, depend on the availability and quality of resources. To this natural restriction to resource exploitation, must be added the constraints arising from commitments and options established for the territory in which the quarries are located. This class of constraints include the maximum depths for exploitation, defense areas, as well as the set of rules of occupation and land use taxes for different planning purposes and land use planning or even by traditional practices in each country.

The selection of areas for the implementation of extractive units depends, increasingly, on the compliance of criteria that go far beyond the mere occurrence of the mineral resource.

Thus, beyond the traditional target resource mapping, our staff also analyzes context issues of legal, social, logistical, environmental nature, etc, Collecting additional and possibly decisive, information about the most promising areas.

This way it can is possible to properly prioritize the areas analyzed and set recommendations for actions and future work delopment for the instalation of a mineral exploitation.