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Visa Consultores is a Portuguese private consultancy company, specialized in the areas of applied geology and environmental management, with strong expertise in the mining industry, area in which has available a strong set of products and services that accompany all the minig activities full lifecycle.

Along the lats 30 years Visa Consultores has helped national and foreign companies to implement and optimize mining projects, conciliating the environment protection imperatives with the need to achievehigh competitiveness standards.


Exploration and Exploitation Projects.

Geological Mapping.

3D Geological Modelling.

Exploration QC-CQ.

Drill Hole Data.

Selection of Implementation Areas for Mines and Quarries.


Slope Stability.

Rock Mechanics.

Soil Mechanics.

Instruments Use and Monitoring.


Environmental Impact Assessment.

Environmental Monitoring.

Hydrogeological Studies.

Ecological Studies.

Archaeological Prospecting.

Evaluation of Mineral Resources and Reserves

Evaluation of Mineral Resources and Reserves.


3D Geological Model.

Evaluation of Mining Projects

Due Diligence.

Economic Feasibility Study.

Safety and Health Plans

Integrated Management System.

Engineering Project

Underground and Open Pit Exploitation.

Explosives Use Project.

Closure Project.

Mines and Quarries Licensing

Quarries and Mines Licensing.

Environmental Impact Assessment.

Environmental Risk Assessment.

Mineral Resources on Sea-bed.

Waste Management Licensing

Inert Waste Landfill.

Screening and Recovery Units for CDW.