// About //

Visa Consultores is a Portuguese private consultancy company, specialized in the areas of applied geology and environmental management, with strong expertise in the mining industry. Established in 1992 VISA Consultores has a “problem solving” philosophy , with the aim of accomodating the environmental demands with the industrial and economic development needs.

Visa Consultores’ goal is to offer the best integrated solution:

"The placing of customers in the center of our activity explains our success. The persistance in the excelence of our customer service and in the satisfaction of our staff is behind our every action."
Mário Bastos

Our Beliefs

We believe we can help mining companies and institutions to achieve significative improvements in their economic and environmental development, contributing in an active way to national sustainable development.

We continually strive to improve our expertise, particularly in the area of environmental management and all fields which are likely to generate competitive advantages for our customers.

We work with our customers, often in partnership, and support the implementation of the solutions we develop. We believe long-term, trust based, relationships are the basis for continuous improvement.

We aim to inspire all those that work with us – our staff, our customers and public entities – in the pursuit of imaginative solutions, proving that it is possible to accommodate society’s need for raw materials and the preservation of natural ecosystems.

Organizational Structure

Visa Consultores’ organizational structure allows our most experienced consultants to work directly with our customers; we offer complete customized solutions and integrate solution development and target driven management central processes.

Has we are not constrained by the pressure of annual results, we are able to committee to customer service and the establishment of long-lasting relationships.

Visa Consultures has 7 staff members, 90% of which have university degrees. the diversity of our staff’s skills assures an important complementarity, which allows the production of technical solutions strengthened by a diversity of perspectives.

Besides staff experts, Visa Consultores also has the dedicated support of more than twenty other experts, mostly university professors and researchers , to which we turn when very specific issues arise. We maintain, and try to strengthen, partnerships with research institutions.


Based on a Quality Policy aiming the excellence of our services, and assuring a consistent standardization of resources and procedures, we guide ourselves by the following principles:

• Suitability of staff’s skills, accompanying market demands and the swift technological development;
• Development, at all levels of the organization, of a proactive behavior based on a philosophy of continuous improvement and sustainable development;
• Integrated process of risk identification, assessment and correction;
• Improved management of certification requirements by international standards, inherent to the locations of our business;
• Performance improvement;
• Maintenance and improvement of external recognition of the company;
• Improvement of customer satisfaction;
• Reduction of waste.

The standardized Integrated Management System allows us to have consistent performance throughout our line of work.

// Team //

A Visa Consultores possui uma equipa dinâmica e experiente com formação académica distinta e experiência na resolução de problemas nas diversas áreas de intervenção.

Mário Bastos, Mining Engineer (MSc.)

Mário Bastos is a Mining Engineer specialized in mineral resources by the Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon (IST). MSc. Geotechnics by the Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon (IST). Since 1992 is a geotechnical researcher in the IST. Is Senior Member of Portuguese Engineers Association. Had developed more than three hundred studies for the mining industry, including Mining Exploration, Quarrying and Mining Plans, Environmental Assessment. Is VISA Consultores CEO.

Pedro Mimoso, Degree in Geology

Pedro Mimoso is Administrator of VISA Consultores (since 1996), with the responsibility of managing the company and strategic projects. Had developed and collaborated in around a hundred studies in the area of extractive industry, waste management and Environmental Assessment.

Humberto Guerreiro. Mining Engineer (MSc.).

Mining Engineering graduated by the Technical Institute of Lisbon (IST), MsC in Geo-resources (Geotechnics area) by the Technical University of Lisbon (IST – Technical Institute), Safety and Health Technician and Explosive Substances Operator. The expertise areas are Mining Engineering (Quarries and Mines), Geotechnics, Safety and Health on Labour and Environmental Impact Analysis and Assessment. Is Senior Consultant at VISA Consultores and in his professional activity participated in more than 300 projects and assessments and coordinated over 100 projects, with special emphasis to the following works: Mining Exploration, Quarrying and Mining Plans, Environmental Assessment, Safety and Health Plans, Technical Support of Quarries.

João Meira, Degree in Geology, EuroGeol

João Meira has worked for over 15 years as a mine geologist, mostly in industrial mineral mining sector. Before he started working in VISA Consultores, he work in Neves-Corvo Tin-Copper mine, in south of Portugal, has a underground mining geologist. In VISA Consultores he worked in exploration projects for gold and for industrial mineral. He has experience in geology and environmental for mining industry. Throughout his experience he has been given the responsibility for exploration planning and management and environmental impact assessment. He has involved in many due diligences in many countries: Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Namibia, Libya and Brazil. He has involved in some projects for mineral resources estimation in Portugal, Tunisia and Angola. He has also experience with AutoCadTM and GemCom SurpacTM modelling software. He is Senior Consultant at VISA Consultores.

Sofia Sobreiro. Degree in Geology, EuroGeol

Has experience in geological surveys, geological prospecting for ornamental and industrial quarries in Portugal and in Brazil (Minas Gerais). Is a user of ArcGis 10 and as experience of GemCom SurpacTM modelling software. In VISA Consultores develops the area of geology, mining plans and GIS. Has experience in environmental impact studies, geology, geomorphology and structural geology. Is Senior Consultant at VISA Consultores.

Ana Amaral, Sociologist

Ana Amaral is specialized in Environmental Science and Technology by Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa and in Geography and Territorial Management by Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas of Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Graduation in Sociology by the Universidade de Évora. Has developed several studies in science and socio-economic demographic for various Municipal Master Plans. Worked at Environment Ministry as coordinator of Environmental Impact Assessment. Is Senior Consultant at VISA Consultores.

Teresa Jàcome

Management Assistant. Supports administrative functions, purchases, commercial and financial management.