Groundwater is one of the important factors in mining industry. Quality, water supply for mines and quarries and the existing groundwater user’s are the aspects that must be considered in hidrogeological studies.

The development of scientific knowledge on groundwater circulation and reservoir geometry, and the development of computers made possible the application of evolved mathematical models, able to predict aquifers behavior given different usage scenarios.

In Portugal, the mathematical modeling of aquifers has been developed by small researchers’ team and VISA Consultores was a pioneer in its dissemination, using Visual Modflow 2.8 software (Waterloo Hydrogeologic Inc ®, 1995-1999), which includes modules for MODFLOW flow modeling and MODPATH particles trace. This software is internationally recognized as a modeling tool in the study of protection perimeters for water collection and in the pollutants behavior simulation in several hydrogeological contexts.

Our team can provide hydrogeological studies in mines and quarries to ensure the quality of groundwater and minimize the impacts. We can provide studies of pumping test and drawdown analysis, water quality monitoring, impacts to existing groundwater user’s and surface water.