Decree-Law nr. 102-D/2020 of December 10th, establishes the legal framework for waste disposal in landfills, and the general requirements to be observed in the design, construction, operation, closure and post-closure of landfills.

Decree-Law nr. 10/2010, of February 4th , establishes the legal framework to which are subject waste management of mineral deposits and mineral masses exploitation – waste extraction – transposing into national law Directive nr. 2006/21/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, of March 15th .

For the Inert Waste Landfill installed in quarries, Decree-Law nr. 10/2010 of February 4th has simplified procedures in those cases where the licensing entity is the CCDR, as it concentrates within itself the power to rule either under the Environmental Plan and Landscape Recovery submitted under Decree-Law Nr. 270/2001 of October 6th for both the technical conditions for the use of inert waste to fill the voids of the exploitation laid down in the legal framework of waste disposal in landfill, as well as, in Chapter III of Decree Law nr. 183/2009 of August 10th.