Portugal has one of the largest Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in Europe, with more than 1 700 000 km2 in area. This corresponds to 18 times the country’s land mass. In addition, this area could be increased by addition of the offshore sovereignty, which could exceed, by far, the current EEZ.

This vast ocean area holds important ecosystems, archaeological, cultural, aesthetic and historical values, renewable energy resources and biotechnological resources that, together, represent a major national asset which is, however, underused and which use is of utmost importance to investigate and stimulate in a sustainable way.

A part from these valuable assets geological and mineral resources should be considered.

Decree-Law n. º 54/2015 of June 22, considers Mineral Deposits (…) all existing mineral occurrences in the country and on the seabed of the EEZ which by their rarity, specific high value or importance in application industrial processes of the substances contained therein, are presented with particular interest to the national economy.

The qualification of sand, gravel and other sea-bed and subsoil aggregates of the territorial sea and continental platform as mineral deposits occurred in April 2005.
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