VIZA Consultores Moçambique, Lda. is a Mozambican company with liaison and share resources with a Portuguese company, called VISA Consultores (founded in 1992). VIZA Consultores is a consulting company specialized in providing services to the mining industry.

The company is focused on consulting and project in the areas of Geology, Mining Engineering and Environment, with a special focus in Mozambique, and with considerable experience (with the Portuguese company) in many other countries of Africa and South America, among others (Portugal, Angola, Brazil, Ghana, Tunisia, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Namibia, Syria, Libya). VIZA Consultores main areas of expertise are:   

Geology and Hydrogeology;  

Evaluation of Mineral Resources and Reserves;


Mining Industry Management;

Environmental Management, Waste management and Landscape Restoration;      

Industrial Management.


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